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Fourth Workshop

On the 27th of April 2018 we held the fourth workshop with students from “St. Paisii Hilendarski” Secondary School, titled “Sports Training for All”. We combined that workshop with the school’s sports day, because our research showed that more than 70 students with different types of disabilities are taught at our school and there are over 30 students from different ethnic groups.

In order to make all the students practice in the activities this day, we had announced a competition for writing a sentence, which should convince us that sport is health and that everyone needs to do sports. The idea was accepted very well and we received hundreds of sentences. A week before the workshop, we chose 20 of them, printed them and displayed them at easily visible places in the school building. We also asked all the students to wear white T-shirts on the sports day to show that it is time for movement because sport gives us health, strength, beauty and good mood! This appeal was also placed in the corridors and in the classrooms, and two girls (disabled) visited all classes in the classrooms and read it, and in the rest of the days we read the appeal during the long breaks on the school radio.
Also two girls with disabilities read that appeal in front of each class in our school and there was an agitating announcement every day on the school radio during the long break.

Mr. Kartev opened the sports day and the workshop featuring the project and introduced the goals and the expected results to the participants.

The workshop started with a Bulgarian national dance. Here, at the beginning we saw that all the participants were happy to take part in that activity.

After the teachers of Physical Education and the project team of “Sports Training for All” gave their instructions, the workshop started. For this purpose, we had prepared in advance games like:

  • “Ball Target Shooting” in which the participants had to throw a small, stiff ball into a horizontal target. In that game, everyone was invited to join, because there was no physical exercise which could harm the disabled children. It was easy to make the children with Down syndrome take part in the game. Of course, precision was not the only goal and all the children threw the balls and had fun together;
  • Cycling and rope jumping – here we noticed that children with Iraq origin were happy to join the rope jumping, and the prize for masterful riding a bicycle was given to a child with visual disability.
  • “Sprint” – the participants had to cross 50 metres with basketball dribble for girls and soccer dribble for boys in a series of five. In this game the competition spirit was great, everyone wanted to participate, especially the boys.
  • “Save the cone” – the participant holds two sticks, balancing a cone at the end. He has to go along a narrow wooden rail, passes under a rope, jumps over an obstacle and passes zigzaging around four cones. Some participants needed some help by the instructors of the posts, but no one was stopped.
  • “On the slackline” – the purpose of the game was to test the participants’ balancing skills. Each participant had to stand upright on the slackline, walk on it and reach the opposite end. This game pretty much hindered some of the participants, but no one gave up.
  • “Fire, air and water” – a game for attention in which a group of 12-15 people had to show their skills to throw and catch a ball, to show wisdom in their knowledge. Here we watched excellent performance by all participants.
  • Free Badminton Area, arm wrestling and organized volleyball, where two kids, who had never played because of their disability, were invited by the trainer.

This workshop lasted for 2 hours. All of the participants were doing sports and having fun, and what`s better than hearing at the end: “This was the best day for me”. All the participants felt equal to each other. Diseases and disabilities were ignored by everyone.

The workshop was organized by Mrs. Nina Grudeva, Mrs. Silva Ikimova and the teachers of Physical Education and Sports, as the fourth workshop within the project aiming to raise pupils’ awareness of the benefits of practicing various sports.

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