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Twelfth workshop

On 22 November 2018 we held the twelfth workshop with students from IV-th grade of “St. Paisii Hilendarski” Secondary School, Plovdiv, who were at a Forest School in the town of Bansko, Bulgaria. The participants were students with visual impairments, with mobility impairments of the lower limbs and with internal disabilities, as well as students without disabilities.

At the beginning, Mrs. Grudeva reminded the participants the project’s goals and invited them to realize those goals in the gymnastics training.

The workshop was conducted by Mrs. Grudeva – a teacher of Physical Education and Sport in the sports hall of Panorama Hotel – Bansko.

The training began with a warm up, after which teamwork was organized. In each team we tried to have children with disabilities and children without disabilities. It was a great training. We changed the activities every 10 minutes. All exercises were performed with great desire, and there was a wish to perform the next, and the next exercise. According to the teacher, this enthusiasm came from changing the surrounding environment and from the available equipment. The culmination came when one of the disabled children asked the teacher to allow her to go on the treadmill because she had never tried it. Then all the other participants began to ask their teacher to allow her and they claimed that they would guard her. Naturally, the teacher could not resist their requests and allowed her to try the treadmill. The schoolgirl was extremely happy, like everyone else.

The workshop lasted for 40 minutes, but it seemed that the time was not enough for the students. They all played with great enthusiasm. We observed tolerance among the participants. No one was neglected.

At the final signal of the teacher, a bit of a discontent was felt that the training was over, but everyone was visibly pleased with what had happened, which showed us that the goals of the project were achieved and the inclusion of children with disabilities was successful.

The event was organized by Mrs. Grudeva and Mrs. Ikimova as the twelfth workshop within the project, aiming to raise pupils’ awareness of the benefits of doing sports.

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