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Meeting G-Sport Marke on November 28 2018

Present: Mark Van Asche,Pierre Van Eeckhout and Dave Van Houtte

On 28 november 2018, Mark van Assche en Pierre Van Eeckhout had a second meeting with Mister Dave Vanhoutte: team supervisor of G-Footbal in Marke.

During this conversation Mister Van Houtte confirmed that the presented tool definitely adds value for athletes with disabilities. Furthermore, it’s perceived to give some more dimension to the classic football training.
They agreed that:

  • Trainers and players of the G-footbal team will test and evaluate the sport 4 all app.
  • G-football Marke will announce their co-operation with Tolbo and the sport 4 all project in particular to their network of befriended sport clubs, local governments, …
  • On their press conference on the 22 of February there will be ST4ALL flyers in the press file.

More info about KFC Marke can be found through this link:

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