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Conference with municipal officer Ms. Liesbeth Van Hemelrijck in Herent on 29 November 2018

Present: Mark Van Assche, Pierre Van Eeckhout, Liesbeth Van Hemelrijck

In the past, Pierre van Eeckhout and Mark Van Assche had already been in contact with municipal officer Liesbeth Van Hemelrijck – Herent to present her the operation of Tolbo.

On 28.11.2018 Mark Van Assche and Pierre van Eeckhout had a second conversation with the municipal officer who’s also a school director in the school community of Flemish Brabant.

During this conversation she expressed her appreciation for Tolbo and she immediately stated she was prepared to inform all key members of her network to whom the ST4ALL project might be relevant on the operation and start up off the project.

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