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Report meeting with Leuven Bears on Wheels on 21 December 2018


  • Mark Van Assche (Tolbo VZW),
  • Pierre Van Eeckhout (Tolbo VZW),
  • Freddy Hernou (Leuven Bears on Wheels)

We introduce non-profit Tolbo and the Sport4All project.

They introduce Leuven “Bears on Wheels”.  They operate all over the Hageland and Leuven region. Furthermore, they teach demo classes in schools and associations, about 42 times a year.  They co-operate with the university KU Leuven.  The ORTHO students do their internships at the team’s training sessions.

Their interest in working together is large due to our common goals. Our co-operation will be presented in the next Board meeting.

On 9 January 2019 the Board will give their approval.  The next meeting will be planned.

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