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Meeting Merksem Handball on 6 February 2019


  • Pierre Van Eeckhout (VZW Tolbo),
  • Dirk Heeren (VZW Tolbo),
  • Guido Hens(Merksem Handbal)

On 6 February we had a meeting at Merksem’s sports complex to see whether we could arrange a partnership concerning wheelchair handball.

The Merksem handball club wants to put wheelchair handball on the map in Belgium.  We introduce them to Tolbo and Sport4All.  They introduce the current situation of g-sport at Merksem Handball, plus two more existing initiatives: Beyne in Wallonia and another one in Flanders. 

Our common goals are:

  • Co-operate on the ST4ALL project,
  • Use the facilities provided by the non-profit Tolbo ( website link, Facebook, messages)

Merksem Handball  ( will present the proposal of co-operation to the Board of Directors during their next meeting.

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