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Fifteenth workshop on the project “Sports Training for All” “St. Paisii Hilendarski” Secondary School- Plovdiv

On 30 April 2019 we held the fifteenth workshop with students from “St. Paisii Hilendarski” Secondary School, which was united with the sport day of the school. Lots of students took part in the event. There were several students with visual impairments, a student with autism, a child with muscular atrophy, children from different ethnic backgrounds and children without disabilities. The event was opened by Mr. Kurtev, the  headmaster of the school.

All students joined in the Bulgarian national dance, which marked the beginning of the event. According to the Physical Education teachers’ instructions, all participants were given cards where to be marked the successful passing of the games. After the end of all the games, there was a lottery with numerous prizes.

The games in which the children had the opportunity to participate were:

– “Cycling or jumping rope” – the participants themselves took a decision how to participate in the game – with a bike or with a rope. The boy with autism did a great job with the bike and deserved the applause of his classmates.

– “Sprint” – the participants had to cross 50 meters dribbling – basketball for girls and football for boys in a series of five. The boy with autism, though a little slow, successfully completed the game.

– “Save the cone” – the participant holds two sticks, balancing a cone at the end. He runs across the beam, jumps over an obstacle and passes zigzagging around several cones. If the student has difficulty in holding the cone, there is another option – passing the game with a ball. The pupil with autism did not manage very well with the cone, but he successfully finished the game with a ball and he was applauded by the other participants.

– “Ball Target Shooting” – in this game the participants had to throw a small, stiff ball into a horizontal target. Everybody enjoyed this game very much. The child with muscular atrophy was very impressed by it, and he was obviously happy to be involved with the others.

-“On the slackline” – the goal of the game is to check the balance of the participants. Each participant had to stand upright on the slackline, walk on it and reach the opposite end. This game pretty much hindered some of the participants. The coaches of this post helped who needed, so everyone passed the game successfully. The student with autism finished the game with load applause from his classmates.

– “Fire, Air, and Water” – this is a concentration game in which a group of 12-15 people had to show their skills to throw and catch a ball, as well as to show wisdom in their knowledge. Here, we watched an excellent performance by all participants.

– Free Badminton Area and organized volleyball, in which children from different ethnic groups were included.

The student with autism was lucky enough to have his card taken out in the lottery at the end of the school sports day and he received a prize, personally handed in by the headmaster of the school. It was a great joy for him. The lottery was held by chosen children from the audience who randomly picked up cards from the box. There were loads of prizes and everyone was happy.

All participants felt equal to each other and the goal of the project – involvement through sport – was achieved.

 The event was organized by the teachers of Physical Education and Sport in the school. This workshop was held with the kind assistance of Mrs. Petya Mladenova, a Senior Teacher of English.

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