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“Sports Training for All” project – Sixteenth workshop Mass sports event – sports tournaments at “St. Paisii Hilendarski” Secondary School, Plovdiv

           On 28 October 2019 we held the sixteenth workshop with students from first to twelfth grade of “St. Paisii Hilendarski” Secondary School in the form of sports tournaments. Students without disabilities participated massively, but there were also students with disabilities: with visual impairments, with motor impairments of the lower limbs, internal disabilities, hyperactive and students with learning difficulties.

          In the beginning, Physical Education and Sports teachers alined the students into classes. They gave instructions how the sports event would proceed, this time only announcing the kinds of tournaments that would be held and the places of the tournaments, leaving the students to decide in which one to participate. The following tournaments were announced: volleyball; Dodgeball; skateboarding; riding a bike; Athletics; rope jumping; badminton and optional games. The sports event started with a warm-up, then it continued with a folk dance, and after that, all the students were given the chance to choose in which sports tournament to participate. The project team, represented by Ms. Grudeva and Ms. Ikimova, followed very closely how the students allocated themselves to the types of tournaments. To our delight, we observed how the hyperactive students first joined the teams, even some of them became captains. The students with internal disabilities became volleyball referees and setters. The students with learning difficulties expected to be invited or to be shown the exact place, which they had to take, to start to participate. But that was done by their classmates and they actively participated in the tournaments, which made them very happy.

           Our team realized that the goals of the project were fulfilled. The students with disabilities got involved and participated together with their classmates in the sports tournaments.

           The sports event lasted two hours.        

           The event was organized by the teachers of Physical Education and Sports and with the help of Mrs. Grudeva and Mrs. Ikimova as a sixteenth workshop within the project, aiming to raise students’ awareness of the benefits of sports.

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