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“Sports Training for All” project – Seventeenth workshop


On 17 November 2019 we had another workshop with eighth grade students of “St. Paisii Hilendarski” Secondary School, Plovdiv, taking them to the mountains to practice walking in mountainous areas. The children were from 14 to 15 years old. In the group there were children with hyperactive behavior, learning difficulties, asthma, students with visual impairments, and also students without disabilities.

        Mrs. Ikimova presented the project to the participants. The city of Veliko Tarnovo and the town of Shipka were visited. In order to reach the designated places, students and teachers had to walk routes that had different slopes for climbing and descending. The students started with enthusiasm and desire, but at some point, some of them had difficulty when climbing. Encouraged by their classmates and teachers, the difficulties were overcome. Some of the children with disabilities made frequent breaks, but in the end, all were able to reach the designated sites and see the historic landmarks that were planned to be visited.

        Everyone took into account the needs and the capabilities of all the students, and the result was that the children with disabilities were included in the group.         This workshop was organized by Ms. Grudeva, Ms. Mladenova and Ms. Ikimova as a seventeenth workshop within the project, aiming to raise the awareness of the students about the benefits of climbing and descending, walking in mountainous areas and about the inclusion of children with disabilities.

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