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Mountain hike dedicated to fighting against obesity among children

On July 25-26, 2020, representatives of NARHU took part in hiking in the Stara planina – mountain in Bulgaria, dedicated to fighting against obesity among children. One of the goals of this activity was to provide an opportunity for rapprochement between children with different cultures and health conditions, as well as to promote the active way of living. The group of mountaineers called themselves “Cosmos” and set to themselves a number of tasks, including making systematic efforts to participate in sports activities and hikes in the mountains, where everyone feels equal and part of an united community. NARHU team had the opportunity to present “Sports for All” project and its training materials within such favourable and welcoming environment. The participants got acquainted with the online portal and the mobile application also containing the self-assessment tool. At the end of this mountain adventure, everyone promised to meet again in an urban environment to continue to collaborate, to train themselves, as well as to practice different sports in a more inclusive way.

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