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Sports4All project included in a promotional video, created by the Croatian partner

As part of #Erasmusdays event, RIJEKA SPORTS ASSOCIATION FOR PERSONS WITH DISABILITIES has created a video where ST4ALL outcomes were also promoted. RIJEKA SPORTS ASSOCIATION FOR PERSONS WITH DISABILITIES was founded in Rijeka in 1984, with a primal goal to promote sports among young people, especially among those with various types of disabilities. It has a mission to integrate people with disabilities in society through sports, and to give a contribution to equal rights of all citizens and prevent social exclusion of people with disabilities.

There are 19 sports clubs within the organization, which include: wheelchair tennis, athletics, table tennis, boccia, Alpine skiing, equestrian, swimming, shooting, sports for the deaf and sports for the blind.

Thanks to these projects, we are even more active in sports and spreading awareness of the importance of sports and recreation for both people with disabilities and people without disabilities.

You can watch the video here:

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