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Intellectual outputs (IO)

IO1: Database of inclusive sports practices in schools/youth organisations


  • Best/good practices will be collected from across Europe that depict inclusive sports practices in schools/youth organisations, assessing them subsequently. This will provide additional input to IO2 & 3.
    • Practices will be collected in different formats: pictures, video, audio, textual.
    • All collected data will be stored and searchable via an online database.

This will ensure that:

  • the ST4ALL curriculum (IO2) meets the needs of the trainers and beneficiaries.
  • A set of learning activities can be defined, appropriate to, and usable across, the range of user needs.
  • The need for adjustments in the training practices to achieve success are pinpointed.
  • Similarities and differences between national contexts in the 6 partner countries can be identified and highlighted.

IO2: Development of ST4ALL curriculum


  • On the basis of collected data from IO1 (Database of inclusive sports practices in schools/youth organisations), the ST4ALL curriculum, rich illustrated handbook/training courses & materials (including instructive videos) will be designed and developed under guidance of P7.
  • Online and mobile tools will be designed and developed (including assessment application) under guidance of P7.
  • To develop pilot versions of the ST4ALL curriculum/handbook/training courses & materials ready for testing by sports trainers at youth organisations/special education/inclusive schools, both via online & mobile platforms, as well as text books.

The curriculum will also raise the knowledge of the teachers and trainers.
The intention of the present learning content which aims to scrutinize current thinking regarding the psychosocial aspects of regular physical activity. It will address the role of physical / sport activity in:

  • managing stress and anxiety in children and youth;
  • reducing depression in children and youth;
  • children and youth with attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), learning disorders and autism;
  • developing self-esteem;
  • intelligence and academic performance;
  • reducing juvenile delinquency; and
  • character development.

The types of disabilities that this curriculum will address are basically all those disabilities that do not hamper a child from attending regular/inclusive schools. These are e.g. children with:

  • Visual impairments
  • Hearing impairment
  • Mobility impairment
  • Communication impairment
  • Learning disabilities (as long as they can attend regular/inclusive schools)
  • Complex impairments (multiple)

IO3: Mobile and online self-assessment tool to support the grassroots’ sports trainer in assessing the studied material

  • Deploying of mobile and online self-assessment tool which will give the provision of self-assessment of the knowledge by those participated as learners (teachers/trainers/youth workers)
  • Production SCORM compliant formats for easy transferability across different learning platforms.

IO4 : Mobile learning application integrated via online learning portal and community platform

In summary, the mobile learning app will offer the following features:

  • Description of aims and objectives of the training process
  • Description of the occupational profiles, tasks, roles and responsibilities
  • Creation of semantic profile of learning needs and lerning personality
  • Creation of semantic profile of learning content and procedures (admin task)
  • Module-based learning content of ST4ALL
  • Self- pre-assessment and post-assessment section, with link to specific acquired skills (linked to expected ones)
  • Resources hub – where additional resources specific per country could be uploaded, as well as linked to external learning objects
  • Help desk for technical and training support
  • Links to social media platforms and cloud learning platforms for content exchange and social interactive communication.

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